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Ann and Edward Fleischman founded the Bagel Bakery in 1967. They moved up from Manhattan. Prior, Edward was working in the bagel union in the city and the family spent their summers upstate in Monticello. The Bagel Bakery began only as a summer operation for the Fleischman's to make money during their time upstate. That was until they moved here full time and began a year round bagel business. 

At first, The Bagel Bakery was only a wholesale bagel operation.

Our Story

We are made by our community and so we support our community. We support the local schools and churches. Often times we donate bagels to fundraisers and sponsors. We love our regulars and our customers so we always show them special recognition. It's more than just a bagel and a business. We are a family, our customers are part of this family and our community is a part of our family as well. 

We LOVE our community!

We are not a chain business. Every bagel that is baked, every sandwhich that is made, is made with care and love from our employees to create a quality product. Making bagels require blood, sweat, and tears.

We love to see happy customers come in and out of the bagel bakery. It is an experience for us and the customers to order with us to brighten their day. We value the hard work that our employees do day in and day out to help with our success. The purpose of the bagel bakery on a larger scale is to connect the community and bring everyone together as a whole.


We form connections with each other that go much further than a customer to employee relationship that give us insight into life. Our customers are like a family to us and nothing could happen without their support. Our mission is to deliver a good quality product like no other, our bagels have a beautiful crust that has a delicious chewy texture that will have you wanting another bagel.

To Now

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