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It started as only the summer.

Then grew to become so much  more!

Our History

Ann and Edward Fleischman founded the Bagel Bakery in 1967. They moved up from Manhattan. Prior, Edward was working in the bagel union in the city and the family spent their summers upstate in Monticello. The Bagel Bakery began only as a summer operation for the Fleischman's to make money during their time upstate. That was until they moved here full time and began a year round bagel business. 

At first, The Bagel Bakery was only a wholesale bagel operation. Then they expanded with only Ann Fleischman working at the front counter to manage customer orders. She greeted each customer with a smile and a warm welcoming good morning. At night Edward Fleischman would come into The Bagel Bakery to make bagels all night long that Ann would sell in the morning. Even today, what makes the bagels so perfect in taste and special in experience is the use of the original bagel recipe passed down by Edward and the kindness and etiquette taught to each generation through Ann.

In the beginning, it began with just bagels, nothing else. Then they adapted to customers requests, “Do you have coffee” or “egg sandwiches” or “cream cheese options”. To begin, they used to microwave eggs to adapt to the customers wants. Slowly on after, they kept adapting to the customers requests to become a full scale bagel shop with cream cheese, drinks, and full sandwiches.  

The Monticello Bagel Bakery was around for Woodstock in 1969, the opening of the Bethel Woods Concert Venue and every performance they have booked and is the staple of the annual Bagelfest held on Broadway. 

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